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Mustafa - A Shopping Paradise

Mustafa - A Shopping Paradise

My memories of Mustafa go back to early 1990s. That was the time when Mustafa was probably not just a shopping mall but a big tourist attraction. First thing that came to any body’s mind while visiting Singapore used to be a visit to Mustafa. Mustafa has come a long way since then, what used to be a just 3 story small building is now a huge shopping mall between 5 to 7 stories and almost 300 meters long.

How To Reach There

Mustafa is located in one of the busiest area of Singapore known as Little India. Easiest way to reach here is by MRT. You can get down at Farrer Park MRT station and walk to Mustafa. Avoid getting down at Little India MRT station as you may end up walking almost 1 km to reach Mustafa. You can also take Taxi from any location and I bet driver won’t even ask second question when you say you are heading to Mustafa.

Once you have reached Mustafa, you will need local currency and Mustafa has a solution for any currency that you have. You can exchange at Mustafa Exchange which is near exit/entry A. Based on my personal experience Mustafa offers one of the best exchange rate across the island.

What can you get there

What started as a small grocery store has become a huge or probably the biggest Shopping mall in Singapore.  You can get almost everything possible that you need at home in Mustafa. Starting from a Needle to Big Furniture items. While grocery section is the most crowded in Mustafa, there are plenty of other sections to explore for a tourist and shop. Mustafa is not designed like a niche or fancy looking  top line shopping mall but you won’t be disappointed if you are looking for good price for any items like clothes, camera’s, TV’s, Projector, Perfumes, Chocolates, Shoes, Sports items etc. Best thing about Mustafa is you will find multiple brands available from across the world under single roof. During my first in early 1990’s I remember to have bought a Wrist watch and a scientific calculator which is even working now in 2019.

What you can buy

Mustafa has a big name in Electronics & electrical products. The store has almost all top line brands like Apple, Sony, Samsung, LG Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp, Canon, Epson, HP, Brother, Yamaha, Dell to name a few. Special deals are always available in electronics section and you will be spoilt with the choices available.

Mustafa also has a huge Gold section which offers plenty of choices. There are thousands of jewellery designs available and you won’t regret buying from such a trust worthy place. Beside Jewellery you can also buy Gold coins and bigger denomination Gold bars. 

The Best Time to Visit

If you don’t mind crowd you can visit the place anytime. But if you like a bit of space and want to get attention from promoters, you can visit after mid night as the place is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Hungry while Shopping

Don’t worry Mustafa has solution for you. You can either eat at Kebab and Curries which is located at roof top of Mustafa. If hungry for snacks there is Snacks corner which is near exit B or you can also get pizza/pastry/cookies at level 2 near Grocery section. Beside inside Mustafa there are multiple options available for Hungry shoppers just in front of Mustafa.

Advise on GST

Tourists can claim back GST for everything that they plan to carry back to their home country. Please keep all receipts and present together at GST section to get the form which you need to present at Singapore customs while exiting the country. There is a minimum limit which you need to follow before you can ask for a GST claim. You can check the limit with any promoter there to avoid any mistake.

Address and Location Map 

Wish you Happy Visiting and Shopping at Mustafa.

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